perjantai 29. kesäkuuta 2012

Back in black

Team SKSHS and 1/2 of team Nöd i havet met yesterday in the training laboratory in Espoo, Finland. In the picture from left Matti, Janne and Markko. Thanks for Pasi from team Öl till Öl for the picture.

Theme for the meeting among training was practically testing some of our new equipment, e.g. back packs. Camelbak Fairfax felt really good and will probably be chosen to the race. Other finding was that Tri-wetsuits e.g. Orca Apex, is way too thick from the front. Yes, it floats you well but on the other hand slows you down significantly  while running. Conclusion - not to be used in the race.

Other equioment will be tested during our theme exercises. This includes also tests for the "secret weapon" of Team SKSHS.

Enjoy the summer!

- Team SKSHS -