torstai 17. toukokuuta 2012


Running started quite well after the cross country skiing season  No problems with my feet, which was a small but also positive surprize. Also first tests with tri-bike and new set-up felt promising as well as my shoulder which was judged "normal" 10 months after the surgery.

But then.....

Luxurious training in the 50m pool under the sun
One morning I woke up with terrible back pain. SI-joint was diagnosed to be the source of the issue, causing massive cramps to back. Four days went happily high with strong meds. Doctor claimed that amount was strong but still legal. I was a bit worried because I was travelling to Cyprus for a week training camp with master swimmers from team Cetus. Anyway - camp went really well. +21km of swimming and +75km of running for the week with one day off, which is good amount for this kind of office athlete :)

Everything felt good but then on the way back to Finland- diahorrea. This resulted one and a half week off from training and forced me to very unpleasant decision to skilp Kalevankierros marathon.

Now I'm trying to get back to training mood . I will start slow once again.


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